Pre-Doctoral Psychology Internship Overview
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About Achieve

Achieve is a recognized leader in behavioral and emotional health care. Achieve primarily serves the Orthodox, Ultra-Orthodox and Hassidic population in Rockland County, New York.
Achieve combines the highest professional and clinical standards with deep cultural sensitivity and compassion.
Achieve offers a full array of services to approximately 2,000 adults and children annually, with the entire range of diagnostic presentations.
Achieve’s treatment options are all-inclusive, utilizing innovation, evidence and metric based protocols in conjunction with community supports.

Did you know?

  • Achieve is a NYS OMH and OASAS-licensed behavioral health center.
  • Achieve are one of only 66 centers in the USA that is federally designated as a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHC).
  • Achieve has four locations: Monsey, Airmont, Pomona and Monroe, as well as clinics in more than 40 local schools.
  • Achieve is currently applying for APA accreditation. Once awarded, it will apply retroactively to the internship year in which it is granted.

Psychology Internship Goals

Gain proficiency in psychological assessment, DSM-5 clinical diagnosis, case conceptualization and treatment planning.

Learn to treat clients with varying psychopathologies across the lifespan.

Develop competency in evidence-based psychological treatment (ex. CBT, DBT, ACT).

Demonstrate knowledge of ethical issues pertaining to psychology practice.

Learn from clinical leaders in the Orthodox community and develop enduring collegial relationships with administration and staff.

Gain knowledge of cultural issues impacting the Jewish Orthodox and Hassidic population.

Core Clinical
Caseload of 15-25 individual or couples’ cases
Specialized Training Opportunities
and Group

Clinical Rotation

In order to ensure the most well-rounded experience,
Achieve’s clinical rotations include:

  • Adult Clinic/Child Clinic/In-School Clinic
  • Intake and Assessment
  • Crisis Services
  • Women’s DBT Intensive Outpatient Program
  • Group Therapy
  • Applied Clinical Data Analytics and Research


Annual stipend: $25,000
Health and time-off benefits

How to Apply

Pre-requisites to apply for the psychology internship –

  1. Four years of successful completion of doctoral coursework in clinical psychology
  2. Familiarity with Orthodox Jewish and Hassidic culture

Complete the online application and make sure to include your CV, two letters of reference and a brief cover letter outlining clinical and/or personal expectations of working in the Orthodox, Ultra-Orthodox and Hassidic Jewish community.

1. Documentation
accepted on rolling basis
2. Interviews
3. Notification

Clinical Leadership

Isaac Schechter, PsyD
Chief Clinical Officer

Jonathan Frohlich, PhD
Senior Clinical Director
Clinical Director, Child and Adolescent Center

Jonathan Feiner, PhD
Clinical Director, Adult Center

Stephanie Hartman, PsyD
Clinical Director, Recovery and Crisis Center

Sara Markowitz, PhD
Director of Intensive Outpatient Program

Joseph Nissenfeld, MD
Medical Director


Michal Goldberg, PhD, Director of Clinical Internship 845.425.5252 x 332

Ari Mayefsky, Director of Human Resources 845.425.5252 x 335